Just like humans, dogs require physical and mental stimulation.

Proper exercise provided on a daily basis will energise your dog’s body, mind and spirit.


Every morning we take dogs on an hour hike (about 3 miles) at one of the nature trails we know and hike regularly.

We never take more than 4 dogs per walker, so you know your dog is cared for and supervised at all times.


We also provide private hikes for those dogs who don’t get along with others, and we know exactly where to take them where it’s safe and fun!

To keep it safe, we hike on known fire roads, we only take the leash off in designated off-leash areas, and only with the right dogs for an off-leash hike.


A hike in nature is one of the greatest treats a pup can have, so what are we waiting for?


*An evaluation has to take place for each dog before joining us on a hike.